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  • 面子簿潜在客户开发营销专家
  • 腾讯海外授权微信广告宣传代理
  • 微信商业官方户口设备
  • 百度和谷歌搜尋引擎行銷/搜尋引擎最佳化


Our Facebook marketing specialist will analyze your business needs, provides a consultation and gives you the proposed solution to generate leads through planned advertising and content management. Facebook lead generation campaigns have targeted leads that guarantees ROI.

Facebook had reached million of users since 2006. Top position in global and local ranking. Incorporates WhatsApp big data for targeted audience and Instagram to enhance photo experience for user. Tap on Facebook’s mass audience for your business needs and expansion.


Showcase your business in front of targeted audience profile’s. Ads can be show in PC and mobile including Instagram. Instant point of contact with user via Facebook advertising anytime, anywhere.


HS International group signed an agreement with Tencent to be the authorized distributor for WeChat advertisement. We do targeted audience advertising.

One of the unique feature of WeChat is the WeChat “Wallet”. It is not a traditional wallet but a menu of carefully curated, pre-selected service providers that users can transact with after inputting their payment credentials.

WeChat also gives official account developers the ability to precisely target and segment users so they can deliver the right set of messages to the right set of users at the right time and place.

For the very first time, Tencent opens its ‘Moment’s media to cater to advertisers with mid-range budgets.

HS International group, being the authorized overseas distributor, will be able to effectively help companies looking to break into the China market.


Using Google and Baidu SEO & SEM analytics to increase search rate and page ranking on Google and Baidu. Also to ensure a flow of traffic to your website.

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